Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Moving Up In Amazon Bestsellers List! FREE eBook Download!

Hey everybody, I wanted to share some FANTASTIC news with you. The Silent Soldiers is now FREE in the Kindle Store until January 4. I wanted to share with  you how quickly it is rising on the best sellers list. The book went free sometime during the night last night. This morning when I got up around 8 it was #10370 on the list. In right around 4 hours it has rapidly climbed to #3096!! How exciting is that??

I hope you guys will take this limited time opportunity and download your FREE copy of The Silent Soldiers by Travis Stinnett

I hope everybody is having an AMAZING New Years Eve!! Mine is going great. I can't think of a single thing I rather be doing than watching my new young adult vampire series climb the best sellers list on Amazon!

Download your FREE copy for a limited time and enjoy!!