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My friends and family ask all the time "How can we help spread the word about your books?" Well, that is why I created the Spread The Word Page. I could really use all the help I can get with getting my novels out into the world. I'm not trying to get rich off writing books. I just want to get them out to readers so they can enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing they for you.

Below you will find ways to quickly and easily spread the word about my novels.


Here are some sample tweets you can use to promote The Silent Soldiers Series. Simply copy and paste one of the tweets below and be sure to follow us @HSTDesigns

Get the first 3 chapters of The Silent Soldiers FREE here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/196372420/The-Silent-Soldiers-Book-1-Young-Adult-Paranormal-Vampire-Series

Check out the amazing new paranormal/vampire series on Travis' author blog here: http://eeriealliance.blogspot.com 

Please CLICK HERE and then click the LIKE button at the top of my Facebook author fan page. 

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Please CLICK HERE to visit my book's Amazon page. 

few things you can do on this page:

  • Click the like button near the title: (note: This does nothing on Facebook, it is simply an Amazon number).
  • Read the book? Write a review: I would love a review. Click the Write a review button.
  • Tag the book: Scroll down to "Tags Customers Associate with This Product" and feel free to tag some of the more popular terms, including: young adult, young adult vampire series, vampire series, and paranormal.

Are You a Blogger/the Press?

CLICK HERE to see our media page that has all the resources you'll need for a great article.

Feel free to email me @ travstinnett (@) ymail (dot) com and I will be happy to forward anything you need including free copies of my books!!