Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interview With Author Mike Arsuaga

Today I want to welcome author Mike Arsuaga. Mike allowed me the opportunity to interview him and tell you about his upcoming novel “Subspecies” from Muse It Hot Publishing. Mike grew up in New Orleans. He set a State Long jump record in High School. Mike joined the Navy in 1966 from college. He resumed writing intermittently while in the Navy. He experienced success writing Party Jokes for Playboy Magazine. In 1981 he wrote a Novella titled “Credible Deterrent.” After Mike’s retirement in the fall of 2007 he started writing again.
“Subspecies” Synopsis:
     With Samantha “Sam” Jenkins, Dr. Jim White, a 130-year-old Vampire, has the best sex of his life and it’s a shame she had to be his next victim.  But she had a surprise for him.  As a Lycan, she hunted him as he hunted her.  After discovering each other’s secret, they cannot resist the physical attraction. Together they hunt and reach out to others of their kind using technology to form a support group.  Sam and Jim become the first Lycan/Vampire pair bond.
     As a mathematics professor and man of science, Dr. Jim rejects the ways and lore of old in favor of modern solutions that, if not acceptable to humans, allow Lycans and Vampires, The Subspecies, to live invisibly, because discovery is their worst fear.
     The Subspecies are a mutation within the human genome.  No more than 700 have been alive at one time.  They cannot breed with humans or within their own group, but when Sam and Jim get in a family way, a universe of possibilities opens for not only them, but all of The Subspecies with the promise of their lives being more than hunting, living in shadows, and fruitless mating.
     Mike’s novel “Subspecies” is due to release in May 2011. “Subspecies, Inc.” will be released in September 2011. Mike has submitted a third novel in the series titled “Children of Subspecies.” Mike is also working on a fourth novel, “The Tenth Legion,” which begins a spin-off of this series.
I concluded Mike’s interview with a few “just for fun” questions:
Who is your favorite author and why?
“It’s a tie among H.G.Wells, George Orwell, and Harold Robbins. Wells for his wonderful insights, Orwell for his presentation and writing style, and Robbins for the blithe bawdiness of his novels.”
What about the horror genre interests you?
“Vampires, the way they would live in the modern world, sexy and out of sight.”
What is your favorite horror movie?
“Dracula, the version with Winona Ryder and Sir Anthony Hopkins.”
     I would like to thank Mike Arsuaga once again for allowing me to interview him. Special thanks to Lea Schizas, MuseItUp publisher, for introducing me to a number of the MuseItUp authors. Stay tuned for future installments of the Eerie Alliance "Author Interviews." I will also be continuing the "Website Review" series as I continue my search for interesting websites.