Thursday, November 4, 2010

Author Interview: Will Kalif

I would like to thank Will Kalif for joining me today and allowing me to interview him here at Eerie Alliance. Will is the author of two Epic Fantasy novels: Fulcrum Shift, and Lion's Last Kill. He is currently working on a third novel: The Left Handed Sword. I asked Will five questions and his response to each are as follows:

Who or what has influenced your writing?
I guess you could say that the experiences I have had in my life have been the biggest influence in my life. That’s pretty much what writers do right? I tend to do some traveling and exploring in my life and my writing is  where I explore these things even further. As far as other writers go my writing has been strongly influenced by a variety of fantasy and epic fantasy writers like Stephen DonaldsonRobert Howard, Robert Jordan and Terry Brooks.
Where do you hope to take your writing in the future?
I never really thought about the future of my writing very much in terms of success or book sales. What I very much have planned is to finish the list of books I am currently outlining. I have a variety of outlines for novels and each covers a theme or an idea that I  really like. So in the future I would love to be able to look at my bookshelf and see all those books in print.
Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?
Writer’s block is a funny thing. And I seem to get it in peculiar ways. I can always write and pretty much write almost every day but sometimes I will get stuck on an idea, a plot point or something else and just not know how to proceed with it. When that happens I just move on to another writing project for a while. So, I do get kind of blocked but it isn’t in the ability to write, it’s just in the current inability to solve a particular problem. Moving on to another project helps a lot. I think it is quite ok to let a writing task percolate for a while before returning to it.
What are you reading now?
I have been developing a new fantasy website for Young adults: Young Adult Fantasy Guide so I have been reading a lot of Young Adult fantasy lately. I am currently right in the middle of two books in the genre: The Riddle of the Wren by Charles DeLint which is a terrific book. And The Charwoman’s Shadow by Lord Dunsany which is a very old classic.
What was the first horror book/story you remember reading?
The very first horror book I remember reading was a collection of stories by HP Lovecraft. I remember the effect it had on me but I can’t remember the name of the collection! Up until that book I had read an enormous amount of fantasy and reading Lovecraft was a definite change for me.
Will also shared information about the two novels he has published:
     Fulcrum Shift is a fantasy novel filled with dark terror, mythical creatures, and pulse-pounding, sword-wielding action.
     A Magical Power Long ForgottenThe Fulcrum is a magical stone with tremendous power that was created by a race of people now long gone from the earth. They created it and the nine nexus stones to control the earth, but the Fulcrum's power destroyed them and nearly destroyed the earth. The Fulcrum and the nexus stones were buried and nearly forgotten for many generations.
      Lion's Last Kill is one of those profound little books that sends ideas out into the world like a shockwave. It is an Epic Fantasy adventure that goes beyond fantasy and examines the basic questions of heroism, genius, and the quest that every hero must undertake. Travel with Bosch as he embarks on his journey to accomplish his quest and watch as he struggles to overcome the obstacles both external and internal that every hero must face.

I want to thank Will Kalif again for allowing me to interview him. Be sure to check out his Guest Blog Post: How to Create Interesting Creatures for Your Writing. If you are interested in following Will's work be sure to visit his websites: