Monday, October 18, 2010

Love Vampires

This is the first in a series of website reviews I plan to write about sites that focus on urban fantasy fiction. The websites I review are not necessarily the “best of the best” so to speak. The reviews I will write are for sites that contain content I feel will be interesting to my audience as a young adult vampire, werewolf, and urban fantasy author. Feel free to leave comments about the site, the review, or any other sites you find that would be appropriate for these genres.
This review is of the site Love Vampires. The Love Vampires graphic in this post is a direct link to the Love Vampires website. Love Vampires, as the name implies, focuses on the vampire genre and urban fantasy fiction. The author of this website offers reviews of books from the past all the way through current favorites and new releases. The site provides a database of book reviews that is searchable by author, title, or genre. Love Vampires also contains a number of exclusive author interviews. You can also view videos consisting of vampire themed book and movie trailers, as well as author and actor interviews.
I feel this site is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to find books to read in the vampire genre. The Love Vampires website is extremely easy to use with the simple links located at the top of the page. One unique feature of the site is the ability to search reviews by title, author, genre, or the star rating (assigned by the author of the website). The graphics are unique, and very professional. The color scheme is very easy on the eyes. I recommend this website to everyone interested in the vampire fiction genre. Take the time to visit the Love Vampires website by clicking on the graphic above.