Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interview With Author Nicolai Due-Gundersen

     Today I had the opportunity to interview another of MuseItUp Publishing's authors, Nicolai Due-Gunersen. Nicolai is currently in his third year of studying English Literature at Kingston University, London, upon his return to England after six years abroad. Nicolai says his time abroad and attending an international school allowed him to draw inspiration from diverse cultures, particularaly with regard to superstitions and the rational world's contention with the intursion of the supernatural. 
     Being away from the English tongue, Nicolai began writing as a way of protecting his language from being absorbed by its counterpart, and as a way of exploring his fears of loss that time abroad fostered. Despite an English-language education, a feeling of alienation could not be helped, and it is this he says that drove him toward the literary world of the bizare and macabre, first as a reader, then as a proud creator. Nicolai is an author of dark, supernatural fiction. His interest lies primarily with Horror-fiction.
Nicolai's latest novella titled: "The Heart's Lone Desire," was inspired by a song of the same name. The Matthew Marsden song claims that "the heart's lone desire is to love someone." He insists that this is the case over and over, yet time and again, reality and literature has seen love thwarted by other lusts, especially ambition. Thinking thus made him wonder, what if the heart chose not to obey its master? What if love was a human weakness that it did not agree with? This is the crux of his tale's theme-ambition versus desire. The ivory heart promises immortality, a desire shared by most, but for what purpose? Its own ambitions will ultimately dictate the fate of those who seek its power, for good or ill. "The Heart's Lone Desire will be released in May 2011, by MuseItUp Publishing.
     Nicolai's "just for fun" questions are as follows:
Who is your favorite author and why?
Clive Barker, as he was my first taste of horror fiction. Also, I feel his prose is more eloquent than many other popular horror writers out there!
What scares you?
Oh, where to start? If pressed, I'd have to say abandoned mental asylums and psychotic nurses (they both complement each other, dont they!?). Decrepit asylums often hearken to days when medical experiments did more harm than good, and as for nurses, well, there's nothing scarier than being harmed by a person whose occupation gives them power over the weak and the ill.
What is your favorite horror book?
Coldheart Canyon by Clive Barker

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I want to thank Nicolai again for allowing us to interview him and feature him here at Eerie Alliance. Check back for upcoming posts that include more exciting author interviews and website reviews. If you would like to see a particular interview please let me know and I will do my best to make it happen. Also if there are websites you think other Eerie Alliance fans might be interested in please let me know that as well.